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About Therapy

What can it do for you?

Are you struggling with your mental health at work or at uni? Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Have you suffered from trauma recently or in your past? Is the impact of systemic and structural racism, anti-semitism or islamophobia at work or uni and everyday life making life more difficult for you? Is gender opression weighing you down? Are you a survivor of sexual assault or abuse? Have you grown up with violence around you? Are you using drugs and alcohol to cope with pain? Or are you struggling with your relationships at work and in your personal life? Does it feel like the weight of your family's expectations for you is too much? Do your family and friends not understand what you are going through? Or perhaps you don't want to burden them? Are you struggling to be yourself? Or perhaps you don't know who you are? Maybe there is stigma from your own community, lack of understanding or even shame if you decide or are thinking about seeking help and so you feel alone? Or perhaps you have tried to get help but you have felt misunderstood or not seen? Do you identify as LGBTQIA+? Or are you questioning your sexuality and gender identity? Are the pressures of being a millennial too much? Does it feel overwhelming right now? Would you like someone who gets it to listen to you and help you through your difficulties? Would you like a safe, reflective space to heal and gain peace of mind so that you may begin to thrive in life rather than continuing trying to just about survive? 

Therapy is a safe, confidential space to explore feelings and gain a deeper insight into the issues we face. It can help us to find better ways to cope or bring about changes in the way we think and behave to improve our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Therapy is not easy, it often entails challenging inner work and we will not necessarily feel better immediately or after every session, but it can help to break life long patterns and obstacles which may be holding us back. Therapy is a unique and powerful way to think about our inner lives and emotions, it can be the difference between living instead of surviving, changes can be gradual or can happen very quickly but you will have time and space on your side to explore and implement them.

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